Treat more clients with better outcomes

Vasonim is a online tool to help CBT therapists schedule, follow up and analyze tasks for clients. Vasonim helps you track your sessions. Vasonim lets your clients tell you if they are coming to a session or not.

Manage your schedule

A better workflow

You no longer need to use multiple calendars. Vasonim handles session scheduling, homework management and much more.

Schedule sessions and confirm with clients.
With Vasonim you can schedule a session, Vasonim will then automatically ask your patient if they can attend the session you scheduled.
Remind clients of their sessions with you.
Vasonim automatically reminds your clients that they have a session scheduled.
Track your clients progess with their tasks.
Vasonim lets you know your clients progress on the tasks you give them. Clients can provide feedback and view how they progressed over time.
Product screenshot